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In 1990 Husband and wife duo Don and Sue Jensen founded Bridgetown Coffee Company. With more then two decades of specialty coffee experience, their goal was ambitious- to make specialty blended and small batch Roasted coffee available to everyone. With an absolute commitment to quality, consistency, and service, they brought true artisan coffee to appreciative coffee lovers in and beyond the coffee house and espresso stands.

Working directly with growers and processors in all five major coffee growing regions, Bridgetown buys only the Highest grade Arabica coffee Beans exclusively from producers with documented Fair Trade and Sustainability track records. Our coffee is roasted in micro batches with state of the art fluid air roasters. This method all but eliminates 'Tipping' or burning of the bean and affords a time and temperature control that maximizes flavor profiles with tremendous consistency from batch to batch. Best quality foil and a one of a kind dual vertical form-fill packaging line ensure that quality and freshness standards are maintained from roaster to customer.

While a series of important steps and considerations come into play when creating specialty coffee blends, Bridgetown's roast masters are above all guided by the preferences and taste objectives of our customers. Ranging from veteran food service professionals to maverick entrepreneurs, our clients share a passion for great coffee and it is always exciting and fulfilling to find just the right style for each of them. Sharing the dynamic and delicious world of great coffee is what Bridgetown is all about!

We've entered and won coffee competitions world wide including The Specialty Coffee Association's prestigious TOPS award in both 2000 2001.Our coffee stacks up to anyone's anywhere. Bridgetown employees and the Jensens are certainly proud of these accomplishments but not too surprised, it's what we expect!

The Jensens have worked throughout the years to bring other quality products to our customers. To that end a comprehensive line of coffee Equipment and complimentary products are available under the Bridgetown umbrella. These other products nicely enhance the bottom line profitability of any coffee operation. From quality teas, to iced chocolate drinks. to the Indian chai concepts (iced and hot), and of course our own Signature Bridgetown mocha, we are committed to stringent quality and consistency standards. To borrow a phrase from a major retail chain, Bridgetown Coffee company is the one stop shop for hundreds of wholesale coffee buyers.

We look forward to proving our stated mission of Quality, Consistency, and Service. We invite you to Phone, write, E-mail, or visit us at our Corporate Headquarters. Thank you for reading our story.

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